Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Offseason Fun

As much as I love the winter and enjoy the snow, I always welcome the summer and warm weather. Here is a little video of some fun that was had when skiing was not an option.

Colorado River Running

Monday, April 2, 2012

Amtrak to Reno

I'm headed to Reno tonight on Amtrak from Salt Lake City. I have taken the train before and it's an awesome way to travel. I leave Salt Lake around midnight and get to Reno around 9am. From there I'm borrowing a car from my good friend Jen and driving to Kirkwood where I can hopefully end my year on a good note at the Freeskiing World Champinships. It sounds like Kirkwood has been getting some good snow and might be expecting some more this weekend. This is my comp schedule:

Wednesday: Inspection/Registration Day
Thursday: Qualifier
Friday: Day 1 (LIVE FEED)
Sat: Day 2 (Live FEED)

Check back and I will put up my start order and results and hopefully you can all watch on the Live Feed on Friday and Saturday.

Looking up at the Cirque from the finish of last years comp at Kirkwood

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At least I'm consistent

Tally it up! I have now fallen in both my competitions. Although I'm pretty bummed on the outcome of the competition, the overall Montana trip was a great success. Moonlight Basin has some awesome, yet scary, terrain including the Headwaters which was the venue for the competition.

The entrance to Moonlight Basin with The Headwaters in the background

The Headwaters at Moonlight Basin

I say scary for a few reasons: One, the hike to the top of the venue was scarier than actually skiing. The wind had blown all of the snow off of the ridge and you basically were walking on loose rock with steep  cliffs on either side. Two, the Headwaters, as you can see in the pictures, is extremely steep and has many cliff bands which make almost the entire thing a "no fall zone". By this I mean if you fall and can't stop yourself you will most likely tomahawk over more then one band of rocks. There were a couple of falls that were terrifying to watch but thankfully nobody was seriously injured.

Steep and Rocky

Montana is an awesome place though. The cops don't harass you like they do anywhere else, they just thank you for sleeping in the back of your truck because you have been drinking all night. The people who let you sleep on their floor give you presents instead of expecting payment. The ski lodges are left open so you can sneak in at night and sleep on the floor although finding out how to turn off the light is a feat in itself. And when there are signs on the road saying "Buffalo in Road" they are telling the truth.

How did the Buffalo send his boy off the school.... He said "Bi son"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Headed to Montana

Im headed to Moonlight Basin, MT with my buddy Connor today for the FWT Qualifier. Inspection day is Thursday and then competition on Friday & Sat. Check back to get my start-lists, results and LIVE feed info.

Freeskiing Nationals at Snowbird

Super bummed with my run at the North American Freeskiing Nationals at Snowbird, UT. Ended up running 44th in the start list which allowed the snow to soften up... too much. I ended up punching through my first landing and doing a bit of tree hugging quickly there after. I was stoked on my line choice which I picked out the day of the qualifier with my buddy Connor who ended up stomping the line and ending up 4th. Here is a little clip of the not-so-goodness.

Punchy Landings @ Snowbird

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Smile for the Camera

I got a shot back from the shoot with Mike Schirf. Super excited on how it turned out, he takes some awesome photos. This was taken at Solitude under the Honeycomb cliffs. Check out more of his photos at or check out and like his Mike Schirf Photography facebook page. I'm hoping to get a few more photos from the shoot that hopefully I will post soon. 

Harrison Hogan Holley @ Solitude, UT
courtesy of Mike Schirf Photography

Sunday, March 4, 2012

And thats why it's called Solitude

I ended up going up to Solitude instead of Snowbird with Mike Schirf to take some photos which turned out to be a great decision. The snow was amazing, the sun was shining and we didn't have to deal with any of the commotion that Little Cottonwood is known to have. Shooting photos was very different than shredding with friends. Everything is based on getting that one shot, of one turn, in one spot. We skied some awesome terrain and I'm excited to see how the photos turned out and hopefully post some here. You can check out Mike's website at to see some of his other work. He has some incredible photos. This is a shot I snapped off of my phone in Honeycomb canyon of some of the cliffs and terrain we were skiing. 

Honeycomb Canyon Cliffs at Solitude

Deer Valley 3.1.12

Finally got some good snow and had the best day of the year, so far. Got up bright and early to ski Deer Valley which ceases to amaze me in its ability to have deep snow and shallow lift lines all the time. Here is a little edit to some new 'womp womp' from Deer Valley on 3/1/2012.

Deer Valley 3/1/2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crested Butte Comp Cancelled :( Atleast its puking in UT!

Unfortunately the FWT competition in Crested Butte has been cancelled due to lack of snow. Its was huge bummer to hear this but understandable knowing that the competition directors put athlete safety numero uno on the priority list. You can read more about this at

On a better note, winter is finally here in UT! I'm headed up to Deer Valley tomorrow and then up to Snowbird on Friday with Mike Schirf to take some photos. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rain in Park City... No problem, Good times at Brighton

While it was raining in Park City, Big Cottonwood Canyon was getting some good snow. Skied Brighton with some buddies Andreas and Ben and couldn't have had a more fun time. It was nice getting  in to some rocks and gnarlier sections before I head to Crested Butte for my first stop on The Freeskiing World Tour in just over a week! Here is a fun little edit I made from skiing today. Enjoy

Fun times at Brighton 2.23.12

Thursday, February 2, 2012

March Madness...... and now April

As expected, the North American Freeskiing Championship at Kirkwood, CA has been postponed until April. Once again due to a lack of snow, all North American FWT stops except for Snowbird have been moved until later in the year. This is how the schedule now stands: three comps in three weeks all in March and then Kirkwood being moved to April and being the new Tour World Championship.

US Extreme Freeskiing Championships, Crested Butte, CO, March 7-11
Subaru Freeskiing World Championships, Snowbird, UT, March 14-19
Subaru Freeskiing Qualifier, Moonlight Basin, MT, March 22-25
North American Freeskiing Championships, Kirkwood, CA, April 4-9

Monday, January 30, 2012

Revenge is a dish best served cold

With Moonlight Basin and Crested Butte being postponed due to lack of snow my first competition will now be the North American Freeskiing Championships in Kirkwood, CA. I’m super stoked on this comp and I look forward to getting redemption on The Cirque, Kirkwood’s biggest and gnarliest face. 

The Cirque at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, CA

The face is closed all year round to the public and is only opened up for and skied by competitors on the FWT tour. Two years ago while competing at Kirkwood I got completely lost right out of the start gate. We were only allowed a visual inspection of the face the day before and I found myself standing in the start gate only being able to see the tops of the rocks on the first cliff band and then the finish at the very bottom. I managed to take a route far from what i had planned, found every flat landing and plenty of rocks making one of the worst runs I have ever had. enjoy!


They say "revenge is a dish best served cold" and I think two years is plenty of cooling time.

Patience is a Virtue (FWT Stops Postponed)

Turns out the Competition Directors were just as nervous as I was about the lack of snow at the venues. My first two competitions have been postponed until March when there will be enough snow to host the events.

Moonlight Basin has been moved to March 22-25:

Crested Butte has been moved to March 8-11:

This gives me a lot more time to get out and ski some gnarlier stuff which is now possible to ski due to our last storm. Keep the snow coming!